Your CPD: Questions - Water supply and cylinders

1 Where might water supplied from a private supply come from (select all that apply)?

A: Trunk main

B: Spring

C: Well

D: Cistern fed

2 If you take a water sample and get a reading of 4.2 on the pH scale, is this acidic or alkaline? (select your answer)

A: Acidic

B: Alkaline

3 Limescale is found mostly in acidic or alkaline water? (select your answer)

A: Acidic

B: Alkaline

4 Identify which cylinder has the thickest walls of copper.

A: Grade 1

B: Grade 2

C: Grade 3

5 Relating to the electromotive series, identify if copper is a Cathodic or Anodic. (select your answer)

A: Cathodic

B: Anodic

6 Heated acidic water will have which impact on copper?

A: Speed up corrosion

B: Slow down corrosion

7 When installing a domestic hot water return pipe to the cylinder, what is the minimum allowable temperature upon returning to the cylinder?

A: > or = to 45oC

B: > or = to 50oC

C: > or = to 55oC

D: > or = to 65oC

E: none of the above

8 What temperature should you store a domestic hot water cylinder at?

A: 50oC to 55oC

B: 55oC to 65oC

C: 60oC to 65oC

D: 50oC to 65oC

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