Review: Salamander Training Resources

The resources can encourage discussion

In my view, the training resources developed by Salamander Pumps and the CIPHE will help learners to be inspired and to efficiently acquire extra knowledge, practise, and connect up their background knowledge, by providing a good deal of expertise in correctly selecting and installing the right pump for the job. These resources will also empower apprentices with training in new technologies and developments, so they can become more up to date with the plumbing industry.

The resources are well-structured. Students are presented with clear objectives, which are specific and measurable. The resources are provided with a training manual and interactive quiz that is easily adapted to a virtual learning environment, such as Moodle, and there are three quizzes that complement the training manual: Salamander Eve product training, Homeboost training and Gravity pumps. Every learner commented on the clarity of the delivery and the quality of the materials as a great tool for assessing their development of knowledge.

Encouraging learning

The activities are simple and short. Prior to use, the class was given a brief lecture, and encouraged to apply their knowledge to reach set targets from which a group discussion developed. This aided the learners’ understanding, and it appears these resources have been successful with development of directed learning activities.

Once you embrace the fact that the students have to be given control of their activities, you will see surprisingly good results. Many of the students who engaged in these activities seemed to mature in a matter of minutes after picking up the training manual.

On some occasions, instead of having a set plan for a session, these resources can be used to guide students to the learning outcomes they need to meet. At other times, students are encouraged to view themselves in a more mature light through the responsibility of peer assessment.

The forms that I designed to guide the students through that process were embraced by many of them. Moreover, for the first time I began to see evidence that they could take pride in their work, when they asked me to amend the form so that written feedback could be given to their peers. They were actually asking to do more work; I couldn’t believe it. I am optimistic that as these strategies are used more frequently, and developed further, all my students will begin to embrace the directed study ethic and start to realise the potential that I feel has been missed during much of their education to date.

Salamander resources are effective in supporting learning engagement and learners’ motivation. When you upload and adapt materials on a virtual learning environment, learners are enabled by the in-depth knowledge of the course to choose projects that reflect their own interests, and this will help their motivation, progress and achievement.

More information

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The CIPHE is dedicated to raising the standards of plumbing and heating education in the UK and partnerships with IAs and colleges is a great way to do this. Find out more from CIPHE technical manager, Jerry Whiteley:

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