Your CPD: Questions - sizing under floor heating (UFH)

Try this example using the floorplan pictured.

1. Calculate the total heat output required in kW for the room.

a 1.08 kW

b 2 kW

c 3 kW

d 0.9 kW

2. Calculate the required pipe spacing with a flow temperature of 52.5°C and return temperature of 47.5°C.

a 300mm

b 250mm

c 200mm

d 100mm

3. Calculate total length of UFH pipework including the connecting pipework.

a 120m

b 62m

c 90m

d 100m

4. Calculate the UFH circuit pressure drop in Pa.

a 20,000 Pa

b 4,000 Pa

c 11,160 Pa

d 9,000 Pa

CIPHE members are expected to complete 30 hours of CPD each year. Completion of these assessments can count towards this requirement.

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