Your CPD: Questions - Underfloor heating & bidet toilets/seats

Underfloor heating

1. True or false? To conform to BS EN 1264, UFH panels that incorporate an aluminium layer as a conduction device, the aluminium must be foiled within the complete groove and in contact with the pipe.

2. True or false? The greater the temperature difference between the UFH mean water temperature and the air above, the lower the heat output of the floor.

3. True or false? The closer the distance between the UFH pipe work, the lower the heat output of the floor.

4. True or false? An increase in the thermal resistance of the floor covering, the greater the heat output of the floor.

5. True or false? An increase in the ΔT of the UFH system creates an increase in the flow rate of the water.

Bidet toilet/seat

1. Correctly identify the type of water supply when installing a Douche mixer valve:

A: Adjacent H & C Supply pipe

B: Distribution pipes from a dedicated cistern and separate cylinder tapping

C: Cold mains, hot from UVHW cylinder return

2. Identify the fluid category of the WC cistern:

A: Cat -1

B: Cat -2

C: Cat -3

3. Identify the regulation that covers the fitting of a WC bidet seat:

A: Regulation 4

B: Regulation 6

C: Regulation 7

4. A 230V power supply is required for most bidet toilets to function. How should this be connected?

A: Just plug it in as it already comes pre-wired

B: Wire it into a switched fuse spur and RCD at the consumer unit

C: Wired into a non-switched fuse spur and RCD protected

5. Identify the correct height for a flushing valve fed via cistern above the WC pan:

A: Not less than 200 mm

B: Not less than 250 mm

C: Not less than 300 mm

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