International: a smart energy community in Sweden

There will be comprehensive connectivity in the Brobyholm development

A development of new family homes in Brobyholm, around 35 minutes from Stockholm in Sweden, is set to become one of the smartest residential communities in the world because of the connectivity of the technology installed.

Sustainable living

Able to generate, share and optimise energy, residents can expect lower energy bills and improved sustainability credentials. Thanks to open technology, the application of industry standards, and vendors working together to innovate, never has so much technology been integrated and become fully interoperable in a smart-home development. Upon completion, the community will comprise around 500 dwellings in the first phase of the project – predominantly single-family homes. Some will be designated for rental purposes, but most will be sold. Phase two will see the portfolio rise to 2,000 dwellings. The properties will feature integrated technology, which will enable residents to lead sustainable lives.

The homes at Brobyholm will be the first buildings to access one holistic smart-home solution through a joint ABB-free@home® and Samsung SmartThings system to ensure they can manage their households smoothly. All smart-home products and devices will be connected seamlessly and securely via the Samsung SmartThings app or device.

The vision of Swedish investment, innovation and real estate company S Property Group, this is a partnership not just with technology giants ABB and Samsung, but also Scandinavian housing developers OBOS, Portuguese clean energy firm Cleanwatts, SMA (a global market leader in solar and storage system technology and provider of intelligent energy management and e-charging solutions) and Three Sweden, the global mobile network operator that is delivering 5G to the site.

“This new smart community will be the first of its kind,” points out Douglas Lundholm, COO at S Property. “The energy-smart community will meet the highest standards in sustainability by drawing on the latest advances in technology and connectivity, in the home and across the development. It will be a smart community that is high-tech and low carbon, one built for our future, with services from security to convenience seamlessly managed with comfort in mind.”

Dwellings in the Brobyholm community

Efficient homes

Energy-sharing technology and systems will be a major element at Brobyholm. Energy-sharing will see main electrical assets such as EV chargers and solar inverters in the community synchronised to optimise energy use through load management. Samsung’s smart appliances, such as heat pumps, washing machines and dishwashers, can be programmed to operate when electricity tariffs are most affordable and when solar energy storage levels are sufficient. Solar panels on each house will charge storage batteries for the whole community’s use.

With energy prices one of the leading concerns among leaders and populations across Europe, the development also provides an efficient energy management system that details energy consumption measurement, automatic adjustments to interior lighting based on outdoor darkness, and optimises cooling and heating systems in response to external temperatures or solar radiation.

Smart devices in each home will be connected, allowing simple household management

Smart proposition

Smart living functions (from Samsung and ABB) will help Brobyholm’s households to save time, money and the environment by creating a seamless experience when using the products and tracking costs and environmental footprint. With a sustainable production of installation products made with biomaterials and recycled Nordic plastic for switches and junction boxes, these are homes for the future.

Equipping all buildings in Brobyholm with photo voltaic (PV) systems and utilising a virtual energy-sharing solution is expected to enable the use of almost all the energy produced within the area. This ensures that the community becomes less dependent on the main grid and lowers costs for the residents.

Forecasting PV production, grid tariffs and consumption patterns optimises energy consumption at the community level, resulting in lower costs for all dwellings. Connecting all consumers and producers enables bids on the flexibility market, generating income for all the inhabitants

By deploying a mobility zone in Brobyholm the number of cars and parking lots can be kept to a minimum. This clears space for green areas and housing, all enabling better living and lower costs for the citizens. Since the mobility solutions are populated by pure electric vehicles (EV), they can be used in energy optimisation and flexibility via vehicle to grid (V2G).

Smart technology will enable residents to manage their homes

High tech

At site-level, there is a joint implementation of future micro-grid and community-grid systems. The houses will be the first in the world to feature one holistic solution that combines active energy management functions and solutions from all project partners. Residents will have whole-home control with an integrated smart-home Internet of Things (IoT) platform, based on the KNX industry standard. Residents can leverage either user interface (UI) and both sets of offerings for seamless, complete home management.

The houses feature one holistic and connected system using a single UI connecting products and devices with services across Wi-Fi, security, media, lighting, blinds, door entry, electricity outlets, energy, appliances, HVAC, sensors, cameras and TV. Each tenant will have a fully individualised property management solution. A single app will cover every need of the residents for a seamless, connected living experience. Three Sweden will be responsible for connectivity by setting up a 5G site enabling digital experiences.

These will effectively be net zero homes, using integrating PV with energy storage system (ESS), devices, IoT and Samsung SmartThings Energy. For example, the water tank heats up when there is surplus energy generated by solar panels. When solar energy is low your devices will run in energy-saving mode to help with net zero home goals.

“Leveraging the strengths of Cleanwatts OS, every household in Brobyholm will become a vital node in a collaborative energy network,” says Luisa Matos, CIO/CPO and co-founder of Cleanwatts. “Together we are co-creating a landscape of affordability and shared sustainability goals. Whether charging an electric vehicle or powering a dishwasher, residents will engage in a larger narrative – one of collective responsibility and environmental stewardship. This initiative is a testament to the power of community; it’s about transforming the abstract notion of sustainability into a lived reality for everyone, making each day a step towards a greener, more connected future.”

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