Social skills

Making your business stand out on social media doesn’t mean you have to hire a web marketing specialist. There are five simple things you can do.

1 Show and tell

Posting before-and-after pictures of your work on social media is an easy way to show customers what you can do. Make sure the picture is in focus, well-lit and you’re not reflecting in any surface like a shower screen.

2 Make it personal

Post pictures of yourself at work, on a job. Post pictures of members of your team and be positive about them. Post shared milestones like birthdays. Use words such as ‘I’ and ‘we’ when talking about your business.

3 Get competitive

Holding a giveaway competition on your social media channels can help you to connect with customers. All you have to do is offer a prize; ask people to like, comment on or share your post to enter; then pick a winner.

4 Draw in your customers

Get them thinking. You can use this technique to directly advertise your services, for example: ‘Do you need a new boiler but don’t know who to call?’ or ‘Don’t wait for an emergency. Book a plumbing system health check before something goes wrong’. Make sure you use this technique in moderation, though.

5 Fly the standards flag

Use your membership of a Professional body such as the CIPHE and of Trusted Trader as part of your online brand. Use the logos in your business, including on your stationery, workwear, vehicles, social media accounts and website. Showcase the professionalism that helps you stand out from your competitors. This is a sign of reputation and trust; recognising competence and making it easier for customers to hire a tradesperson they can rely on.

Become a Trusted Trader

The CIPHE is partnered with Which? To find out more about how to join and the benefits, go to the CIPHE website.

This article first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of P&H Engineering, the magazine for members of the CIPHE. Find out how to join here.

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