Free legal advice for CIPHE members

From late payments to employee complaints, you can face a range of legal challenges that you could do without.

It’s especially worrying if you’re a sole trader and any time spent away from the business is costing you money.

So we’ve teamed up with Law Express Limited, which provides advice on all sorts of problems and queries including employment issues within the workplace, commercial and company law as well as data protection (GDPR).

Using the service is really easy.

All Law Express advisors and call handlers are based in the UK (and cover all UK jurisdictions). When you call Law Express, a call handler will ask you some questions about the nature of your enquiry so that they can match you to the best adviser.

An experienced legal advisor who specialises in the area of law that you need will call you back, usually within two hours. If you wish to speak to an advisor straight away the call handler will do their best to help you.

Jilly Sainsbury-Bow, client services director at Law Express, says: “We’ve already had a lot of calls from members because of the COVID-19 lockdown about coronavirus and returning to work.

“In one case the advisor explored whether risk assessments had been conducted, can social distancing measures be implemented in their hardware store? Have they ensured that there will be adequate PPE?”

Advisors can also explain how to explore employers’ own grievance policies and procedures.

Here’s an example where the service has already helped:

Q: What steps can I take against a customer that has failed to pay for services that I have provided in their showroom?

In this case, the advisor discussed invoicing for the final payment and after the deadline how to serve a pre-action complaint letter, then how to consider enforcement through the County Court (small claims track).

We get a lot of calls from members about legal issues and we’ll always try to help. You now have direct, personalised, expert advice that is one call away so it’s one less thing to worry about.

How to use our service

Call the Law Express helpline

01275 405 600 to speak to an advisor.

Lines are open from 8am-8pm, Mon-Fri and 9am-12pm, Sat-Sun

Or visit the CIPHE's information page on the service here.

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