Keep well, keep working

Back in March, we saw the country go into a lockdown which wreaked havoc across many industries, especially healthcare. The global pandemic is transforming the national health system as we know it and it’s still working through a significant backlog of surgeries and routine treatments that were cancelled or delayed at the peak of the outbreak, with further disruption likely throughout the winter.

Self-employed plumbers and heating engineers rely on the job requests that come in from customers. But what happens if an illness stops you from working – can you afford to be stuck at the bottom of a long waiting list for your procedure? This is when private health insurance can help you stay healthy and fit to work. To provide you with discounted private health insurance, CIPHE has teamed up with M&L Healthcare Solutions and General & Medical Healthcare, which both have an extensive amount of experience in the health insurance industry and are well-respected companies.

Private health insurance gives you quick access to consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and surgeries. Plus, with access to over 1,000 of the best hospitals in the UK, you’ll be able to get the treatment you need at a local hospital closer to home.

Manage your risk
Private health insurance is a great way to manage your risk by getting you back to work so that you don’t miss out on those important job requests and contracts that you heavily rely on. As a CIPHE member, you have exclusive access to a voluntary private health insurance scheme, which provides a variety of benefits, including a discounted price, reassurance when you need it most and fast access to diagnostics and treatment.

Through this exclusive scheme, you have access to a variety of health insurance products, including low-cost options and more comprehensive cover. Low-cost policies offer essential and everyday levels of cover with in-patient and out-patient benefits, whereas more comprehensive policies feature an extensive range of advantages, with cover for cancer treatment and additional cash benefits included.

When it comes to your health you want to know where you stand, and private health insurance gives you the opportunity to choose which hospital and consultant you use, and you can opt to undergo treatment at a date that suits you, fitting around life, family or work commitments.

The scheme gives you access to over 1,000 hospitals and medical facilities around the UK, where typically you can enjoy a private room with en-suite facilities, unrestricted visiting hours and excellent food, giving you the privacy and luxury to focus on your health. Not only that, but you are also likely to have the same consultant dealing with you throughout your treatment, and will have access to nursing staff with more time to dedicate to your personal care.

Extra benefits for you
As well as receiving a high-quality health insurance policy at a discounted price, you’ll also have exclusive access to a range of further benefits including health and wellbeing services, Lifestyle Rewards, free child cover* and cover for specified pre-existing conditions.

Free Health and Wellbeing service
All of the private health insurance policies come with access to a comprehensive range of Health and Wellbeing service meaning you’ll have access to a team of specialists who are on hand to offer advice and reassurance when you need it. You’ll have access to a 24-hour telephone counselling services, online health checks, lifestyle programmes, self-help modules, everyday life support and a vast array of medical information at your fingertips.

24-hour GP Advice Line
Certain cover levels come with access to a 24-Hour GP Advice line which allows you to speak to a qualified GP or doctor over the phone, or you can arrange a video consultation using your smartphone or PC. This unlimited service provides confidential advice, reassurance and diagnosis, all specific to your personal needs.

Lifestyle Rewards
Access over 200 unique deals and exclusive discounts on a number of brands, products and experiences through the scheme.

Did you know?
Member benefits also include pension and legal services.

Find out more
For more information about your exclusive discount or to obtain your free quote, please call M&L Healthcare on 0800 145 5838 or email They will be happy to talk you through your policy options and provide advice on what cover is available for you.

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