Watch this space: the CIPHE is changing

Modernisation is at the heart of the industry – it affects everyone, from design teams to installers.

Making things better by being faster or more efficient and, most importantly, meeting standards, is what it’s all about – and we have to keep up through continuous improvement.

That’s why the CIPHE Board of Trustees has just committed to a significant investment to modernise the Institute, with a particular focus on how we operate digitally. Although the driving purpose is about how we can deliver more for our members, there will be some challenges along the way.

As members, you will most likely not even notice what happens during the first four or five months of the project – it will mostly be about changing the way the CIPHE staff and our volunteers access our systems that we use. For anyone who is deeply interested in this level of detail, it will be about transferring the organisation on to business systems that can better integrate with the ones we use to provide valuable membership services and industry information.

After this, the fun stuff – no, stay with me on this! – can really begin. It will be then that we focus on the direct benefits for members and the wider plumbing and heating community and how you engage with and manage your relationship with us, the industry’s professional body.

What will be our priorities?

Our main aim will always be to help our members to be the best that they can be, and that is true of this project too. Some of you will already have seen some of the exciting technical developments that are taking place at the CIPHE, with novel and innovative ways of delivering CPD and education already well underway. But that content needs a reliable home and it needs a place where it can be easily accessible for all members. We want that content available to members when they are on the job, too.

As well as that, we want to raise the profile of the CIPHE and our members. Making the CIPHE a more valuable resource for customers so they understand better who the Institute is and why they benefit from having a member working for them will be crucial. Showcasing the achievements, competence and professionalism of our members through our find-a-plumber business directory will all help to strengthen our proposition and the value of what it means to be a member of the CIPHE.

The CIPHE has a growing membership right across the world, and the individuals within it have an ever-increasing range of skills and responsibilities. All of us at the CIPHE believe this project will be of great value in helping us to deliver on our organisation strategy and charitable purpose.

With a project of this size there will be pain along the way and the teamwork required to deliver it will be significant. I will use this column to provide updates on progress throughout the year and ask that you please bear with us while we complete this work. Finally, please promise me that you won’t tell

Some big developments are coming that will benefit you:

  • Enhanced collaboration with the hundreds of manufacturers, merchants, colleges and organisations that already support the CIPHE with a view to deliver a wider set of services for members.
  • Additional support for our volunteers and representatives at a branch level, including enabling a wider distribution of events and content that members contribute towards.
  • Integration with systems that will help to personalise user experience when using the CIPHE website.
  • Recognition that the majority of our members will access the website via a computer that travels in their pocket rather than one that sits on their desk, so digital solutions will respond accordingly.
  • Provision of simple opportunities to join, upgrade and renew membership via the CIPHE website, replacing many of the paper-based systems that we currently depend upon.

Find out how to become a member of the CIPHE here.

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