The four pillars of plumbing

Representing you and influencing decision-makers is our core business and we are gearing up to do that at a major event.

Kevin Wellman, the CIPHE’s chief executive officer, is attending the World Plumbing Council’s 12th World Plumbing Conference in Melbourne, Australia between 11-13 September. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the international future of the plumbing industry, including best practices, training and education, challenges and opportunities along with exciting industry innovation.

We will also be supporting a speaker, legionella expert David Harper.

Keynote speakers will be discussing the big issues like climate change and sustainability. Among them will be Mark Pesce, futurist, inventor and host of podcast ‘The Next Billion Seconds’. Mark McManus, general president of the United Association (UA) is also on the bill as is Rob Gell, weather expert, academic and executive director of ReThink Sustainability.

They will share their vision for the future of the industry which we know will include technology, environment, resources and workplace participation.

The ‘Four Pillars of Plumbing’ will be the structure of the conference program:

With an estimated value of more than $80bn, the world market for plumbing products has never been as big, diverse, fluid or dynamic. The conference will examine features and quality of the materials, fittings and appliances used in plumbing work.

If plumbing is going to be the catalyst for liberating millions of people from a state of water poverty, there must be more plumbers, trained and skilled in the latest techniques, products and installations. To maintain the health of big city water supplies and keep buildings, hospitals and schools free from threats such as legionella, there must be more plumbing professionals. The event will hone in on the necessary training requirements to work in the industry

Ensuring only trained people enter the plumbing industry is key to its success, but setting and enforcing quality standards within the industry is equally important. Analysis of the required standards and accountability for day-to-day work in the industry will be presented and debated.

Industry needs to have in place the systems, processes and laws that adequately protect consumers, the community and practitioners. Attendees will discuss the measures required to minimise risks and provide redress when failures occur.

A trip to Australia is a big commitment but these are big themes and sure to generate lively discussion.

This article first appeared in the Jul/Aug 2019 issue of P&H Engineering, the magazine for members of the CIPHE. Find out how to join here.

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