The real value of professionalism

Earlier this year we conducted research across 1,000 UK households in order to get a clearer understanding of consumer sentiment towards the plumbing and heating industry.

Amongst a wide range of useful information, we learned that 62% of households are prepared to pay more for a plumbing and heating engineer who can provide evidence of their professionalism. This is where your membership of the CIPHE and your commitment to the Code of Professional Standards has to be used to your professional benefit. Make sure to inform prospective clients of your membership and the trust and reassurance this can provide.

Rogue Traders

At the opposite end of the scale from members of the CIPHE is the impact of rogue traders. Over three-quarters of our survey respondents fear that they will accidentally hire a rogue trader when needing a plumbing and heating engineer, and the average cost of rectifying problems related to having previously hired one comes in at almost £2,000. Whilst important information, these statistics don’t by themselves highlight the true impact that rogue traders have on society and on the reputation of trades themselves. The impact of rogue traders can cause fear, distrust, anxiety, and at its worst, social isolation and health and wellbeing concerns for its victims.

Water, gas and electricity are the three utilities that run into domestic properties. All are potentially fatal, and plumbing and heating engineering is the only trade that touches all three.

Continuing your learning with the CIPHE

The most recent webinar we delivered was in conjunction with the Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC) on the installer’s role and responsibilities for radiator selection and installation. The event focused on the standards that UK installers must know post-Brexit, considerations when advising customers on radiator and heat convector solutions and the risks and liabilities that come with installing non-compliant products. It included a 30-minute Q&A session with those who attended the live event. The recorded session and follow-up summary can both can be accessed here.

CIPHE and Ideal Standard Partner for Plumbing Apprenticeship Scheme Coming at a time when 1 in 10 apprentices are reported as having lost their jobs due to the pandemic, the CIPHE has partnered with our Industrial Associate Supporter, Ideal Standard, to address the plumbing industry’s skills gap. With further support from the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) and design education body FIESTA, the scheme aims to provide CIPHE member businesses, and any apprentice they take on, with additional funding, support and training.

Training will be carried out by some of the top learning providers in the UK, carefully selected from our Approved Training Centre network. Ideal Standard will work with colleges to set the standard for training, and provide hands-on support for local apprenticeships going through the scheme around its sites in Hull, Armitage and London. The scheme uses funding from the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy and Ideal Standard is gifting a proportion of its share to provide financial support to smaller companies so they can take on an apprentice.

David Barber, managing director of Ideal Standard UK, said: “This scheme is the first of its kind within the industry. I hope that other organisations will see the benefits of the scheme and get involved in supporting our future plumbers.”

Kevin Wellman, chief executive officer of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering added: “Members of the CIPHE are in prime position to provide the necessary opportunities for new apprentices and, in turn, benefit from a level of support from the CIPHE and a major industry manufacturer that they could only usually dream of.“

CIPHE members who are interested in finding out more can download an Expressions of Interest form here.

CIPHE Code of Professional Standards

1 Perform professionally, competently and responsibly

2 Safeguard the environment and public health and safety

3 Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and codes

4 Broaden, improve and maintain skills, knowledge and personal qualities

5 Uphold dignity, standing and reputation of the Institute and the plumbing mechanical engineering services industry

6 Abide by the Code of Professional Standards

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