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Our Industrial Associates Development Group is a great opportunity to learn more about the CIPHE’s industry strategy and approach to raising the standards of plumbing and heating engineering.

It’s where we go to get industry thoughts and feedback as well as to encourage major players in the industry to become more involved with the work of the Institute.

Our last big meeting was in November, hosted by Monument Tools’ managing director, Jonathan Collier and his colleague, sales director, Jamie Fisher.

We regularly hold these meetings throughout the year and they are useful as technical and networking events. They are also a very useful forum for discussing the issues that are affecting the industry.

Issues raised

At November’s meeting we held some feedback groups to gauge members’ current opinions and the results were fascinating. Here is a sample of some of the comments that were made:

– We should investigate why the insurance industry is content to pay for claims related to lack of competency and non-compliant products, and why it isn’t supporting the issues we are aware of.

–We should talk to plumbers in the USA as they are appalled by the lack of regulation over here. We work in a profession with professional responsibilities and enforced responsibilities towards state building controls. That is not what US plumbers see when they look at the UK.

– CIPHE should take its Home Health-check project to insurers for support from that direction.

– Consumer penalties for installation and failure of non-compliant products are required. Until this happens, then honest plumbers will be the ones who pay the price.

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